Netlabel MICROBIT-RECORDS was created by the Russian musician Evgenij V. Kharitonov (EugeneKha, Microbit Project, etc.) at the beginning of 2008 for promoting of ideas of a lowbit sound and independent musical esthetics. In 2009 Evgenij also organized in LiveJournal community and the blog of the musicians professing a lowbit-sound esthetics - LOBIT.RU. The community continues active life and today.
The label stopped the existence in January, 2014 though official statements for termination of work it wasn't made. In 5 years of vigorous activity this network label was an important element of a world lobit-scene, many and many independent musicians from around the world were residents of a label.

Microbit-Records – лоубит лейбл из России, основанный летом 2008 года музыкантом Евгением В. Харитоновым с целью издания и популяризации записей с низким битрейтом (lowbit, lobit, lo-bit).Лейбл выпускал записи разных стилей и жанров вплоть до 2014 года, пока не взял перерыв на неопределённое время.

Contact: lautpoesie  yandex.ru

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